About the Painter

Lunatic Wave is a self-taught full-time painter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2013, they started exploring composition, color, and texture in art. "I like to think of my paintings as my life story, my diary. I draw inspiration through trauma, experiences, people, and close relationships. I'm able to look at a painting and translate it to something that was going on in my life at the time I created it. My art is like a storyline." -Lunatic Wave

Being a first generation Mexican American in a traditional household, they grew up admiring Frida Kahlo who created paintings about her own life. "I could feel Frida's pain in her art, she painted real life traumatic experiences that women go through. I think that's why I admired her so much. I want people to be able to see my life story just like Frida's. She was not afraid to embrace her masculinity, which was frowned upon at the time Frida was alive in Mexico. She tackled so many problems within the Mexican community, such as machismo and was an openly gay woman." 

"I just want people to know that art is everything. Art is my healing, therapy, and passion. Thank you for being here."